Come and join me!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Due to so much interest in my events and blogs, I have set up a group on Facebook for us all. My idea is to make it a confidential community where we can share our opinions, share the help we need, share our ideas and offerings without judgement.

What is shared in the group – stays in the group!

Below are the topics of my “Wheel of Wellbeing” that I’ll be discussing weekly, in no particular order.

I’m going to keep the tone informative yet light and fun.

1. Health
2. Family & Friends
3. Wealth
4. Romance & Significant other
5. Personal Growth & Development
6. Environment
7. Fun & Recreation
8. Academic Studies
9. Community
10. Fitness

Massive thanks again and let’s get 2018 rolling! Click here to request to join!


P.S My awesome Passionate PA, Kate Chastey, will also be helping to manage the group. She helps with this blog too! You can check her out here 🙂


Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 07.28.13


2 Comments Add yours

  1. davybroni says:

    Hi Barbara, many thanks for your e-mail earlier this morning.

    I’d love to accept your kind invitation to join your private Facebook Group, however the link in your e-mail keeps generating an error message when I click on it ?

    Any ideas ?

    Warm regards

    Davy x


    1. Hi Davy,

      So sorry, try this or search for ‘Wheel of Wellbeing with Barbara Cox’.



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