EAT TO BEAT: The Common Cold

This blog is part of my ‘Eat To Beat’ series.

I believe food is the most underused medication in the western world, and the most overused anxiety suppressant and so my aim with the ‘Eat To Beat’ series is to inform, encourage and inspire you to see food as fuel for the body. 

Today’s topic is the Common Cold! We’ve all suffered with these and they can have a severe effect on us – anything from a ‘fluffy head’ to the total inability to continue at the usual pace of life. And this is the time of year for them!

So, in this blog, I thought I’d just divert away from our Weight Loss theme for a moment to deal with something that stops us all in our tracks every now and then. The thing is, Common Colds don’t have to stop you in your tracks at all. There are some amazing ways to build up your immune system before a Cold attacks, and also some key foods to eat whilst suffering to give your body the power boost it needs to return to health asap.

What is the Common Cold?

There are a variety of different viruses that can cause a Cold. Surprisingly, most of us are exposed to them on a daily basis, yet we only suffer a Cold a couple of times a year – when our immune system is not as strong as it should be.

So, how do you keep your immune system strong is the real question!

Tip Number 1: Get enough rest – try to average 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night and don’t over-exercise, especially when you’re already feeling tired.

Tip Number 2: Eat a healthy diet – which means eating plenty of fruit and vegetables as they are high in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. On the other side of the coin, avoid a diet high in sugar because high sugar levels can significantly impair the work of our white blood cells – a major player in our immune system.

Tip Number 3: Take a quality supplement – the best way to ensure your body is getting everything it needs is to take a recommended supplement. Moa Juice is quite simply the nicest-tasting, most comprehensive liquid supplement I’ve ever known. Formulated by Ariix, Moa is a combination of 34 incredibly important immune-boosting, health-promoting superfoods that includes noni, mangosteen, acai and goji beries, kelp seaweed and green tea. This beautiful blend of Planet Earth’s most important ingredients alkalises our cells and delivers a dazzling diversity of disease-fighting, free-radical-neutralising antioxidants. Moa is bottled with no artificial preservatives using Ariix’s unique temperature-controlled process that completely avoids thermal stress. In short, I highly recommend this superior supplement as an effective immune-booster for all the family. You can buy it here!

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 13.05.22

What can you do to speed recovery when you’ve already caught a Cold?

Firstly, get lots of rest – do NOT be a warrior and push yourself to continue at your usual pace. Your body is telling you it’s had enough – LISTEN!

Drink lots of fresh water – avoid caffeine and sugar loaded drinks. Your body needs hydration not stimulation.

Get plenty of vitamin C and the mineral zinc – vitamin C is found in most fruit and vegetables, although it’s not advisable to drink fruit juice when you‘ve got a Cold as the high sugar levels will counteract the positive effects of vitamin C. Zinc is found in brown rice, oats, meat, tofu, pine nuts, cashew nuts and pumpkin seeds.

If you fancy cooking up a dish that’s high in vitamin C and zinc, why not try my Pumpkin with Apricot and Onion Comfit served on a bed of KaleClick here for the printable Recipe Card.



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